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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
Assessing Reading in the 21st Century Conference: Aligning and Applying Advances in the Reading and Measurement Sciences Unsolicited and Other Awards Sabatini, John Educational Testing Service (ETS) Other Goal 2007 NCER
Awards for Research in Cognition and Student Learning Unsolicited and Other Awards Wiley, Jennifer University of Illinois Other Goal 2007 NCER
CBCSE Cost Tool Kit Development Unsolicited and Other Awards Levin, Henry Columbia University, Teachers College No Goal 2013 NCER
Collaborative Research in Urban Education Unsolicited and Other Awards Casserly, Michael Council of Great City Schools Other Goal 2006 NCER
Continued Support of SREE Unsolicited and Other Awards Hedges, Larry Northwestern University Other Goal 2010 NCER
Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Educational Alternatives Unsolicited and Other Awards Levin, Henry Columbia University, Teachers College No Goal 2012 NCER
Developing Indicators of Educational Equity Unsolicited and Other Awards Citro, Constance National Academy of Sciences No Goal 2015 NCES
Development of the Annual State of Preschool Report and Necessary Supporting Data Unsolicited and Other Awards Barnett, William Rutgers University No Goal 2015 NCES
High School and Beyond: Midlife Follow-up Unsolicited and Other Awards Muller, Chandra University of Texas, Austin No Goal 2014 NCES
How People Learn II: The Science and Practice of Learning Unsolicited and Other Awards Wanchisen, Barbara National Academy of Sciences Other Goal 2015 NCER
Implementation & Impact of Reading, Mathematics & Science Interventions for Middle & High School Students in the Context of Talent Development reforms Unsolicited and Other Awards McPartland, James Johns Hopkins University Other Goal 2002 NCER
Learning from Emerging Teacher Evaluation Practices to Advance Teacher Quality Unsolicited and Other Awards Bryk, Anthony Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching No Goal 2010 NCER
National Longitudinal Transition Study-2 (NLTS2) Unsolicited and Other Awards Wagner, Mary SRI International No Goal N/A NCSER
Pre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study Unsolicited and Other Awards Carlson, Elaine Westat No Goal N/A NCSER
Reaping the Rewards of the Reading for Understanding Initiative Unsolicited and Other Awards Pearson, P. David National Academy of Education No Goal 2016 NCER
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