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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
A Contextual Examination of the Relationships between Teacher Quality Factors and Student Achievement NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Englert, Kerry Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) No Goal 2005 NCES
A Framework for Subscale-level Comparisons of NAEP and State Testing Results Using Metric-free Gap and Trend Statistics NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Ho, Andrew University of Iowa No Goal 2006 NCES
A New Look at School Type, Mathematics Achievement and Equity NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Lubienski, Sarah University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign No Goal 2005 NCES
A Tool for Improved Precision Reporting in Secondary Analysis of National and State-level NAEP Data NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants von Davier, Matthias Educational Testing Service (ETS) No Goal 2002 NCES
Advancing Education Improvement by Improving Child Health: An Analysis of NAEP Data NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Whitmore, Diane University of Chicago No Goal 2005 NCES
Analysis for the Fit of NAEP Scales for Specified Sub-populations NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Beaton, Albert Boston College No Goal 2004 NCES
Analysis of Central City NAEP NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Grissmer, David RAND Corporation No Goal 2003 NCES
Are the Inclusion Policies and Practices for State Assessment Systems and NAEP State Assessments Aligned? NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Cook, Linda Educational Testing Service (ETS) No Goal 2003 NCES
Development of Tools for the Analysis of NAEP Data NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Aitken, Irit American Institutes for Research (AIR) No Goal 2007 NCES
Differential Item Functioning Analyses for Students with Test Accommodations on NAEP test items NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Kamata, Akihito Florida State University No Goal 2003 NCES
Estimating Relationships in NAEP NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Chaplin, Duncan Urban Institute No Goal 2003 NCES
Estimating the Full NAEP Population Distribution: Imputing Scores for Excluded SD and LEP Students Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling Techniques NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants O’Dwyer, Laura Boston College No Goal 2002 NCES
Evaluating State Equity and Adequacy in School Resources and Math Achievement: Multilevel Joint Analyses Linking NAEP to the Schools and Staffing Survey and the School District Finance Survey NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Lee, Jaekyung State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo No Goal 2005 NCES
Examination of Low Motivation in the 12th Grade NAEP NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Stokes, S. Lynne Southern Methodist University No Goal 2007 NCES
High School Exit Examinations and NAEP Long-term Trends in Reading, Mathematics and Science, 1970-2004 NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Warren, John University of Minnesota No Goal 2004 NCES
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