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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
Improving the DIF Detection Procedures for NAEP Data Analysis NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Chang, Hua-Hua University of Texas, Austin No Goal 2002 NCES
Informing State Mathematics Reform Through State NAEP NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Webb, Norman University of Wisconsin, Madison No Goal 2002 NCES
Investigating State, District, and School Variability in the English Learner Achievement Gap NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Rumburger, Russell University of California, Santa Barbara No Goal 2006 NCES
Measuring Classroom Instruction using NAEP NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Swanson, Christopher Urban Institute No Goal 2003 NCES
Misbehaving in School NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Finn, Jeremy State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo No Goal 2007 NCES
Model Identification of Student School and Interaction Factors Affecting Item Responses on the 2005 NAEP Math Test. NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Aitken, Murray American Institutes for Research (AIR) No Goal 2007 NCES
Monitoring Students with Disabilities Using NAEP Data NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Houtenville, Andrew Cornell University No Goal 2003 NCES
Multi-scale Visualization of National and State NAEP Data through Interactive Graphics NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Ip, Edward Wake Forest University Health Sciences No Goal 2005 NCES
NAEP Proficiency and Skill Profile Comparisons at the State Level NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants de la Torre, Jimmy Rutgers University No Goal 2005 NCES
Preparation, Professional Development and Policy in Mathematics: Does it all add up? NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Desimone, Laura Vanderbilt University No Goal 2002 NCES
Reading Test Design, Validity, and Fairness: A Re-Analysis of Data From the 2000 Fourth-grade Reading Assessment NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Gentile, Claudia Educational Testing Service (ETS) No Goal 2002 NCES
Secondary Analysis of Urban NAEP Data and Student Achievement NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Flanagan, Ann Council of the Great City Schools No Goal 2007 NCES
Skill Profiles for Groups of Students at a Given NAEP Scale Level: Development and Demonstration NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants DiBello, Louis Educational Testing Service (ETS) No Goal 2003 NCES
State Policy and Trends in Student Achievement: the Relationship Between Changes in State Standards-based Reform Policy and Student Achievement in Mathematics and Reading NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Desimone, Laura Vanderbilt University No Goal 2004 NCES
State Policy, Multicultural Teacher Education, and Student Learning NAEP Secondary Analysis Grants Akiba, Motoko University of Missouri, Columbia No Goal 2004 NCES
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