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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
An Efficacy Study of Two Computer-Based Attention Training Systems in Schools Cognition and Student Learning Steiner, Naomi Tufts Medical Center Efficacy and Replication 2009 NCER
An Elementary-age Origami and Pop-up Paper Engineering Curriculum to Promote the 3-D Spatial Thinking and Reasoning Underlying STEM Education Cognition and Student Learning Taylor, Holly Tufts University Development and Innovation 2014 NCER
An Examination of Response to Intervention in the Early Writing Skills of At-Risk Preschoolers Cognition and Student Learning Hooper, Stephen University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Efficacy and Replication 2017 NCER
An Examination of the Qualities of Interactive Science Learning Environments That Promote Optimal Motivation and Learning Cognition and Student Learning McGee, Steven The Learning Partnership Exploration 2011 NCER
An Exploration of Malleable Social and Cognitive Factors Associated with Early Elementary School Students' Mathematics Achievement Cognition and Student Learning Beilock, Sian University of Chicago Exploration 2011 NCER
An Implementation of Vicarious Learning with Deep-Level Reasoning Questions in Middle School and High School Classrooms Cognition and Student Learning Gholson, Barry University of Memphis Development and Innovation 2005 NCER
Application of Explanatory Item Response Models to Understand Influence of Reader-Text Interactions on Reading Comprehension and Reading Intervention Effects Cognition and Student Learning Francis, David University of Houston Exploration 2017 NCER
Application of the Dual-Component Theory to Adaptive Working Memory Training Cognition and Student Learning Gibson, Bradley University of Notre Dame Exploration 2015 NCER
Arithmetic Practice that Promotes Conceptual Understanding and Computational Fluency Cognition and Student Learning McNeil, Nicole University of Notre Dame Development and Innovation 2007 NCER
Arithmetical and Cognitive Antecedents and Concomitants of Algebraic Skill Cognition and Student Learning Cirino, Paul University of Houston Exploration 2011 NCER
Attention, Memory, and Executive Functions in Written Language Expression in Elementary School Children Cognition and Student Learning Hooper, Stephen University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Efficacy and Replication 2006 NCER
Bridging the Bridge to Algebra: Measuring and Optimizing the Influence of Prerequisite Skills on a Pre-Algebra Curriculum Cognition and Student Learning Pavlik, Philip Carnegie Mellon University Development and Innovation 2007 NCER
Bridging the Gap: Applying Algebra Cognition Research to Develop and Validate Diagnostic Classroom Algebra Testlet Cognition and Student Learning Russell, Michael Boston College Measurement 2004 NCER
Child Instruction Interactions in Early Reading: Examining Causal Effects of Individualized Instruction Cognition and Student Learning Connor, Carol M. Florida State University Development and Innovation 2004 NCER
Classroom Environment, Allocation of Attention, and Learning Outcomes in K–4 Students Cognition and Student Learning Fisher, Anna Carnegie Mellon University Exploration 2011 NCER
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