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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
First Grade, Second Language: Uniting Science Knowledge and Literacy Development for English Learners English Learners Billman, Alison Regents of the University of California Development and Innovation 2013 NCER
Heterogeneous Effects of English Learner Reclassification on Achievement Trajectories English Learners Hill, Laura Public Policy Institute of California Efficacy and Replication 2017 NCER
Impact of the WRITE Program on English Learner Achievement and Teacher Instructional Practice English Learners Haas, Eric WestEd Efficacy and Replication 2011 NCER
Improving Reading Comprehension of Middle Grades English Language Learners by Combining Structure Strategy with Web-Based Adaptive Tutoring for EL Learners (SWELL) English Learners Wijekumar, Kausalai Texas A & M University Development and Innovation 2012 NCER
Improving the Accuracy of Academic Vocabulary Assessment for English Language Learners English Learners Francis, David University of Houston Measurement 2017 NCER
Improving the Teaching and Learning of English Language Learners: The Instructional Conversational Model English Learners Portes, Pedro University of Georgia Research Foundation Efficacy and Replication 2010 NCER
Investigating the Efficacy of a Web-Based Early Reading Intervention Professional Development Program for K-1 English Learners English Learners Amendum, Steven University of Delaware Efficacy and Replication 2016 NCER
Language and Literacy Abilities in Spanish Language Speaking Children English Learners Branum-Martin, Lee University of Houston Exploration 2010 NCER
Language in Math English Learners Secada, Walter University of Miami Development and Innovation 2010 NCER
Learning About Open Response Science Test Items and English Learners English Learners Noble, Tracy Technical Education Research Centers, Inc. (TERC) Exploration 2015 NCER
Mathematics and English Language Development for English Language Learners: Project MELD for ELLs English Learners August, Diane American Institutes for Research (AIR) Development and Innovation 2014 NCER
Mathematics Coaching Supporting English Language Learners English Learners Driscoll, Mark Education Development Center, Inc. Development and Innovation 2011 NCER
Preventing Dropout Among At-Risk Youth: A Study of Project Goal with English Learners English Learners Vaughn, Sharon University of Texas, Austin Efficacy and Replication 2015 NCER
Reclassifying and Not Reclassifying English Learners as Fluent English Proficient: Access and Achievement English Learners Estrada, Peggy Regents of University of California, Santa Cruz Exploration 2011 NCER
Returning to Our Roots: Development of a Morphology Intervention to Bolster Academic Vocabulary Knowledge for Adolescent English Learners English Learners Crosson, Amy Pennsylvania State University Development and Innovation 2015 NCER
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