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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Type Year Center
A Diagnostic Assessment of Meanings That Matter for Teaching High School Mathematics Effective Instruction Draney, Karen University of California, Berkeley Measurement 2016 NCER
A Practice-Based Approach to Professional Development in Science in Urban Elementary and Middle Schools Effective Instruction Rosebery, Ann Technical Education Research Centers, Inc. (TERC) Development and Innovation 2010 NCER
A Randomized Controlled Study of the Efficacy of Reading Apprenticeship Professional Development for High School History and Science Teaching and Learning Effective Instruction Greenleaf, Cynthia WestEd Efficacy and Replication 2005 NCER
Accessible Professional Development for Teaching Aquatic Science Inquiry Effective Instruction Duncan, Kanesa University of Hawaii Development and Innovation 2010 NCER
Advancing Middle School Teachers' Understanding of Proportional Reasoning for Teaching Effective Instruction Copur-Gencturk, Yasemin University of Southern California Development and Innovation 2018 NCER
Algebra Connections: Teacher Education in Clear Instruction and Responsive Assessment of Algebra Patterns and Problem Solving Effective Instruction Radner, Barbara DePaul University Development and Innovation 2004 NCER
Algebra Learning for All (ALFA) Effective Instruction Stigler, James LessonLab, Inc. Development and Innovation 2003 NCER
An Exploration of Novice Teachers' Core Competencies: Impacts on Student Achievement and Effectiveness of Preparation Effective Instruction Seidel, Kent University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Exploration 2012 NCER
Assessing Teacher Applicants: What Can be Learned About Inservice Teacher Quality and Retention by Applying AI to Applicant Short-Answer Questions Effective Instruction Sojourner, Aaron University of Minnesota Exploration 2022 NCER
Assessing Teacher Effectiveness: How Can We Predict Who Will be a High Quality Teacher? Effective Instruction Harris, Douglas N. Florida State University Measurement 2004 NCER
Assessing the Potential Impact of a Professional Development Program in Science on Head Start Teachers and Children Effective Instruction Clark-Chiarelli, Nancy Education Development Center, Inc. Development and Innovation 2005 NCER
Assessing the Potential of Outcomes-Based Licensure Test Standards Effective Instruction Goldhaber, Dan American Institutes for Research (AIR) Exploration 2022 NCER
Assessing the Use of Assessments: Assessment, Instructional Practices, and Math Gains in Kindergarten Effective Instruction Vitiello, Virginia University of Virginia Exploration 2019 NCER
Assessment of Pedagogical Knowledge of Teachers of Reading Effective Instruction Carlisle, Joanne University of Michigan Measurement 2005 NCER
Building and Sustaining the Capacity of Local Math Coaches to Support College- and Career-Ready Mathematics Instruction Effective Instruction Walters, Kirk American Institutes for Research (AIR) Development and Innovation 2019 NCER
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