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Title Program Principal Investigator Awardee Goal Year Center
Collaborative, Technology-Enhanced Lesson Planning as an Organizational Routine for Continuous, School-Wide Instructional Improvement Improving Education Systems Stein, Mary University of Pittsburgh Development and Innovation 2009 NCER
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Effects of District-Wide High School Curriculum Reform on Academic Achievement and Attainment in Chicago Improving Education Systems Allensworth, Elaine University of Chicago Efficacy and Replication 2006 NCER
Cost Accounting for Student-Level Resources Improving Education Systems Hartman, William Pennsylvania State University Measurement 2005 NCER
Creating an Integrated Resource Information System to Assess Student, Teacher, Classroom, and School Effects on Value-Added Student Learning Gains and to Support More Cost-Effective Budgeting Improving Education Systems Odden, Allan University of Wisconsin, Madison Measurement 2008 NCER
Curricular Reform and Classroom Peer Ability: School-Specific and Citywide Effects Improving Education Systems Nomi, Takako Saint Louis University Exploration 2012 NCER
Determinants of Student Outcomes in an Urban School District: Educational Interventions and Family Choices Improving Education Systems Epple, Dennis Carnegie Mellon University Efficacy and Replication 2007 NCER
Developing a Model for Delivering School-Based Mentoring to Students in Military Families Improving Education Systems Cavell, Timothy University of Arkansas Development and Innovation 2014 NCER
Developing More Effective Test-Based Accountability by Improving Validity Under High-Stakes Conditions Improving Education Systems Koretz, Daniel President and Fellows of Harvard College Measurement 2011 NCER
Do Lower Barriers to Entry Affect Student Achievement and Teacher Retention: The Case of Math Immersion Improving Education Systems Wyckoff, James State University of New York, Albany Exploration 2006 NCER
Do Small Schools Improve Student Performance in Large Urban Districts? Evidence from New York City Improving Education Systems Stiefel, Leanna New York University Exploration 2008 NCER
Doubling Up? The Impact of Remedial Algebra on Students' Long-Run Outcomes Improving Education Systems Goodman, Joshua President and Fellows of Harvard College Efficacy and Replication 2012 NCER
Early College High Schools at Scale: Probing Impacts and Generalizability with a Quasi-Experiment Benchmarked Against an RCT Improving Education Systems Lauen, Douglas University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Efficacy and Replication 2015 NCER
Early Truancy Prevention Project Improving Education Systems Cook, Philip Duke University Development and Innovation 2012 NCER
Evaluation of Gifted and Talented Program Practices and Student Outcomes Improving Education Systems Goldhaber, Dan American Institutes for Research (AIR) Exploration 2018 NCER
Evaluation of the Kalamazoo Promise Improving Education Systems Miron, Gary Western Michigan University Development and Innovation 2007 NCER
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