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Grant Program: Early Career Development and Mentoring
Contact: Dr. Katherine Taylor
(202) 245-6716

MS Word FY 2023 84.324B (DOC: 210 KB)
PDF File FY 2023 84.334B (PDF: 464 KB)

The Early Career Development and Mentoring (Early Career) topic supports grants that prepare researchers to conduct independent rigorous and relevant early intervention and special education research. The intent is to support researchers who are addressing issues that are important to learners with or at risk for disabilities from infancy through postsecondary education, their families, special education practitioners, and policymakers, and whose research contributes to the advancement of knowledge and theory in special education and early intervention.

Large numbers of retirements among special education faculty have been anticipated, leading the way for a new generation of early career scholars and scientists to become the primary producers of special education and early intervention research. NCSER established this training program to help new graduates and young investigators transition into these faculty and research positions. More specifically, the Early Career program was developed to prepare scientists to collaborate with education stakeholders to develop and evaluate new products (such as curricula, programs, services, interventions) and instructional approaches that are grounded in a science of learning, design and validate assessments, and address applied research problems in special education or early intervention using sophisticated methods and statistical analyses. The program provides support for an integrated research and career development plan, including mentorship, for investigators in the early stages of their academic careers who have established an interest in special education research, with the ultimate aim of launching independent research careers focused on with or at risk for disabilities from infancy through postsecondary education.

Since 2013, NCSER has invested over $16 million in the Early Career program to support research training projects.

Early Career Development and Mentoring in Special Education