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Program Announcement: Education Technology CFDA 84.305A

Program Officer:
Dr. Edward Metz
(202) 245-7550

The Education Technology topic supports research on innovative and emerging forms of education technology, with the goal of improving academic performance among students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Through the Education Technology topic, the Institute is interested in exploration, development, measurement, and evaluation of education technologies intended for use in authentic education settings (e.g., schools, after-school programs, distance learning programs, on-line programs).

The Institute supports research on a wide range of education technology products (e.g., apps, intelligent tutors, assessments, robotics, manipulatives, wearable technology), tools, technology-dependent interventions (i.e., the intervention could not work without the technology), and social media innovations (e.g., texting, video outlets such as YouTube, peer social networking websites, user-generated content websites, curation websites, open education resources and materials). The Institute is particularly interested in understanding how technology may be used to expand educational opportunities in underserved areas (such as low-income and rural communities) and to close achievement gaps between higher- and lower-performing students. The Institute is also interested in how technologies may be used to provide better and quicker feedback to school administrators, teachers, and students on student performance and areas for improvement. The distinguishing component of research under the Education Technology topic is the innovative use of technology; other topics may be a better fit if the technology is already well-established or if the main focus of the research is to improve student outcomes in a specific content area, such as reading, writing, math, or science, in ways that do not require innovative uses of technology.

The long-term outcome of this research will be to advance the field's understanding of the potential of education technology to improve student education outcomes, and a deeper understanding of who benefits from technology under what conditions.