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Funding Opportunities

Statistical and Research Methodology in Education–Early Career CFDA 84.305D

Program Officer:
Dr. Phill Gagne
Telephone: (202) 245-7139

Through the Early Career topic within the Statistical and Research and Methodology in Education grants program, the Institute supports research projects intended to expand and to improve the methodological and statistical tools available for education researchers. The Institute established the Early Career topic to support early career researchers as they implement their research agendas. The products of these grants are tools and techniques that can be used by mainstream education researchers to improve the design of research studies, the analysis of research data, and the interpretation of research findings. This program is not intended to support products such as math derivations that just inform more math work or advanced statistical software which can be used only by researchers with highly sophisticated statistical skills. This program is also not intended for studies that use advanced statistical analyses to address applied education research questions.

Awards under the Early Career topic are for a maximum of 2 years and $200,000. To be eligible as an early career researcher for the FY16 competition, the Principal Investigator must have earned her/his Ph.D. on or after April 1, 2011. The research personnel on the grant must also include a more senior advisor to the PI or an advisory board, with the limitation that the PI's dissertation advisor cannot be the mentor or be a member of the advisory board. The Institute expects that the PI will be the lead author on publications pertinent to the primary research questions from Early Career grants.