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Program Announcement: Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research CFDA 84.305H

Program Officer:
Dr. Allen Ruby
National Center for Education Research
Telephone: (202) 245-8145

Dr. Jacquelyn Buckley
National Center for Special Education Research
Telephone: (202) 245-6607

The Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research (Research Partnerships) topic supports partnerships composed of research institutions and state or local education agencies that have identified an education issue or problem of high priority for the education agency that has important implications for improving student education outcomes. These partnerships are to carry out initial research on that education issue and develop a plan for future research on it. Through this joint research, the education agency's capacity for taking part in research and using research results is expected to increase. The ultimate goal of the partnerships supported under this topic is to conduct and promote research during and after the grant that has direct implications for improving programs, processes, practices, or policies that will result in improved student education outcomes.

The Research Partnerships topic provides funds to develop new partnerships and to support the expansion of existing partnerships into new areas of research. The Research Partnerships topic differs from the Institute's other research grant programs in that it provides support for a partnership's development of a research plan. The Institute's other research grant programs can support similar partnerships but only after they have developed a research plan.

As part of developing the research plan, partnerships are expected to complete initial research to help understand their education issue and develop future research. To this end, partnerships may analyze secondary data and/or collect primary data and analyze it. However, given the limit on the size of the grant award, the Institute does not expect large-scale data collection (quantitative or qualitative) during a Research Partnerships project. More comprehensive data collection activities can be proposed in the plan for future research.

Projects under the Research Partnerships topic will result in:

  • A description of the partnership as developed over the course of the grant.

  • A description of the education issue addressed by the partnership.

  • Findings from the completed initial research and any conclusions drawn from it.

  • A plan for the partnership to carry out further research on the education issue. Future research may be of different types, for example:
    • Further exploration of the issue.

    • The development of an intervention to address the issue.

    • Implementation, adaptation, and revision of an education approach to address the issue.

    • The evaluation of an intervention that is to address the issue.

  • A description of the agency capacity-building activities carried out.

  • Recommendations for how the partnership could be maintained over the longer term.