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Program Announcement: Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning CFDA 84.305A

Program Officer:
Dr. Emily Doolittle
Telephone: (202) 245-7833

The Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning (Social/Behavioral) topic supports research on social skills, attitudes, and behaviors (i.e., social and behavioral competencies) to improve student achievement and progress through the education system.

Through this topic, the Institute is interested in understanding ways to support the development of social/behavioral competencies such as social skills (e.g., responsibility, cooperation), learning strategies (e.g., goal-setting, self-regulated learning), dispositions or attitudes (e.g., motivation, academic self-concept), and behaviors (e.g., constructive participation, attendance) that research suggests may help students succeed in school and work.

Research supported through this topic will lead to an array of tools and strategies to improve or assess students' social/behavioral competencies, and teacher practices that support them, that in the long-run will improve student academic achievement.