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Funding Opportunities

Program Announcement: Special Topics CFDA 84.324A

The Institute of Education Sciences funds Special Topics to provide additional encouragement for research in under-studied areas that are important to students, parents, policymakers, and practitioners in improving outcomes for children with or at risk for disabilities. They may represent areas that are allowed under the current standing topic areas, but have received little attention to date.

For FY 2020, under the Special Education Research Grants competition (84.324A), the Institute is accepting applications under the following three special topics:

Career and Technical Education for Students with Disabilities
Dr. Akilah Nelson
(202) 245-7352

English Learners with Disabilities
Program Officer:
Dr. Amy Sussman
(202) 245-7424

Systems-Involved Students with Disabilities
Program Officer:
Dr. Katherine Taylor
(202) 245-6716