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The WWC can help you find evidence-based strategies, programs, and practices to start preschoolers on the journey to academic success. Get tips and tools on how to help them develop strong language, literacy, mathematics, cognitive, and social skills.

Image of BridgeOpen the Gateway to Math
Preschoolers' natural curiosity about math and the WWC’s evidence-based strategies and teaching techniques can help open the gateway to math. Find out how to incorporate essential content areas—number and operations, geometry, patterns, measurement, and understanding and organizing information—into your instruction.

Image of GateExplore Instruction for Children with Special Needs
Researchers continue to explore methods and programs to help preschoolers with behavior problems and special needs. The WWC has reviewed five interventions and identified potentially promising methods and practices.

Image of CompassSteer Your Way to Evidence-Based Interventions
Teachers can turn to the WWC to learn about evidence-based interventions to use with their preschool students. Discover how our Find What Works tool can guide you to the right programs to improve literacy, math, social-emotional, and other outcomes in your classroom.

Image of Magnifying GlassDiscover the WWC’s Research and Resources
Discover the WWC’s comprehensive resources for conducting education research to ensure your methods are rigorous and your results are meaningful.

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