WWC Summary of Evidence for this Intervention

I CAN Learn®

I CAN Learn® is a computer-based math curriculum for students in middle school, high school, and college. It provides math instruction through a series of interactive lessons that students work on individually at their own computers. Students move at their own pace and must demonstrate mastery of each concept before progressing to the next one. Classroom teachers may provide individual, small-group, or whole-class instruction based on students’ performance on the software program.

Reviewed Research

August 2017
Studies meeting standards Grades
Students Improvement
General Mathematics Achievement Potentially positive effects 1 study meets standards 8 9,886
Kerstyn, C. (2002) 8 9,886
February 2012

As of February 2012, no studies of I CAN Learn® were found that fell within the scope of the High School Mathematics review protocol and met WWC evidence standards. Therefore, the WWC is unable to draw any research based conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of I CAN Learn® to improve outcomes in this area.

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