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Heath Mathematics Connections (textbook series)
Middle School Math

As of July 2007 no studies of Heath Mathematics Connections (textbook series) were found that fell within the scope of the Middle School Math review protocol and met WWC design standards. Therefore, the WWC is unable to draw any research based conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Heath Mathematics Connections (textbook series) to improve outcomes in this area.
The Heath Mathematics Connections Series curriculum may be used with elementary and middle school grades as the primary classroom text. Teacher-led classroom instruction is supplemented with suggested classroom activities - such as practice problems, mathematics drills, and cooperative learning - to increase skill knowledge and determine underlying concepts. Classroom assessment is provided through warm-up problems, a problem of the day for each lesson, enrichment worksheets, chapter reviews and tests, standardized format tests, math logs and portfolios. The curriculum also provides educators with a classroom textbook, teaching editions, practice worksheets and copymasters, and family involvement activities. Some classroom and homework materials are also available in Spanish.

Last Updated: July 2007

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