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New Century Mathematics
Elementary School Mathematics

As of July 2007 no studies of New Century Mathematics were found that fell within the scope of the Elementary School Mathematics review protocol and met WWC design standards. Therefore, the WWC is unable to draw any research based conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of New Century Mathematics to improve outcomes in this area.
New Century Mathematics provides a pre-K through eighth grade curriculum designed to meet the National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics (NCTM) standards. In addition to teaching state curriculum objectives and basic math skills in a classroom format, teachers may utilize the New Century Integrated Instructional System. This computer-based assessment program designs independent individualized lessons for every student in order to meet their particular learning needs and remedy weaknesses. It monitors student progress, provides teachers with diagnostic student profiles, updates profiles to indicate gains in student achievement, and can print a variety of reports on particular lessons, individuals, or groups. New Century Mathematics incorporates mental arithmetic, audio instruction and assistance at all levels, and also supports students with limited English skills. Rulers, protractors, and technology (calculators, online tools) may be used to support lesson comprehension.

Last Updated: July 2007

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