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The Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS) Program®

As of May 2012 no studies of The Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS) Program® were found that fell within the scope of the Science review protocol and met WWC design standards. Therefore, the WWC is unable to draw any research based conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of The Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS) Program® to improve outcomes in this area.
The LeTUS program is a three-year, project-based, technology-integrated middle school science curriculum for grades 6–8. The LeTUS program is composed of multiple units, each lasting between eight and ten weeks. Topics include global warming, water and air quality, force and motion, communicable diseases, and ecological systems. The units are designed around projects through which students learn science by conducting scientific investigations and using interactive computer software along with scientific visualization and graphing tools. Each unit stresses inquiry, student collaboration, and the use of computing and communications technologies. The sequence of units can be used in different ways, depending on standards and curriculum requirements; for example, teachers can use units at grade levels other than those suggested. Each unit can also be used independently when inserted into a different curricular context.

Last Updated: May 2012

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