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The i3 validation of SunBay Digital Mathematics

Sirinides, P. & Gray, A.M. (2018). CPRE Research Reports. https://repository.upenn.edu/cpre_researchreports/111/.

  • Randomized Controlled Trial
    , grades

Reviewed: December 2021

No statistically significant positive
Meets WWC standards with reservations
General Mathematics Achievement outcomes—Indeterminate effect found for the domain
Comparison Period Sample Intervention
Significant? Improvement

Florida Standards Assessment in Mathematics

SunBay Digital Mathematics vs. Business as usual

0 Days

Full sample;
45,235 students





Evidence Tier rating based solely on this study. This intervention may achieve a higher tier when combined with the full body of evidence.

Characteristics of study sample as reported by study author.

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The study took place in two large Florida school districts that were selected because of their diverse, high-need populations. Sixty middle schools are included in the study: 30 treatment and 30 control schools. In total, there were 11 non-Title I schools in the intervention group, 12 non-Title I schools in the comparison group, 19 Title I schools in the intervention group, and 18 Title 1 schools in the comparison group. Students in grade 6 regular and advanced, grade 7 regular and advanced, and grade 8 regular instruction math classrooms participated in the study.

Study sample

Both school districts served predominantly high-need students. The "District A" student population was comprised of 32% Hispanic and 39% African American students, with 61% of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. "District B" was comprised of 28% African American and 32% Hispanic students, with 59% eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Demographics of the student sample were not reported.

Intervention Group

SunBay Digital Mathematics is a whole-group, classroom-based, instructional program that integrates standards-based instruction, technology-based dynamic representations of middle-school math concepts, and teacher professional development aimed at supporting teachers’ use of new curricula and technology. The program consists of two-week units that are designed to support learning throughout the school year by building students’ understanding of foundational concepts. Students engage with these foundational concepts through online dynamic representations and collaboration with teachers and peers. The program is expected to improve math achievement for students in grades 6, 7, and 8 regular and advanced mathematics classes.

Comparison Group

Schools in the comparison condition engaged in business-as-usual math instruction, and teachers participated in business-as-usual professional development. Teachers likely taught as they had in the past.

Support for implementation

Teachers received 1.5 days of professional development over the summer to support their learning of SunBay Math as well as a half day of professional development before implementing each new unit. Classrooms were provided with laptops or tablets and internet access as well as student workbooks. Teachers received a Teacher Guide that supported their implementation of SunBay Math.


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