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Welcome to the REL Appalachia Blog, where you can find stories about our partnerships, projects, priority areas, and more. Have a story idea? Contact us.

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Rigorously designed experimental and quasi-experimental studies can provide educators the strongest evidence of what works to solve their problem. But what if strong evidence doesn't exist to address a need? This blog details one such case and explains how REL Appalachia worked with experts to identify practical solutions and move the research forward.

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Educators are faced with the challenge of supporting students who are struggling academically, socially, and emotionally. What if there was a way to gather information about how well a new strategy or intervention was working, before investing resources into broad implementation? Implementation pilot studies can do just that.

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Students are facing increased stressors and trauma stemming from the consequences of the opioid epidemic, racial injustices, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic which are contributing to a range of negative social-emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes in school performance.