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American Indian Education Research Alliance

About the Alliance

With large American Indian student populations, central states such as North Dakota and South Dakota prioritize the need to support the wellbeing and academic achievement of these students. The American Indian Education Research Alliance includes regional stakeholders who work together on initiatives that promote culturally responsive teaching and learning for American Indian students.

The alliance currently focuses on finding ways to address the shortage of qualified teachers in predominantly American Indian communities and examining how well schools with large American Indian student populations are implementing innovative strategies to improve achievement.

Summary of Related Projects

Technical Support

Data Collection and Analysis Plan for American Indian Education Programs in South Dakota
This project addresses the South Dakota Department of Education (SD DOE) need to understand the relationship between the implementation and the intended short- and long-term goals of two programs that target salient issues in American Indian schools: The Tuition Assistance Scholarship Program for Paraprofessionals and the Native American Achievement Schools program. REL Central is partnering with SD DOE to create an evaluation plan to guide its staff in measuring, collecting, and analyzing data related to the programs, both of which can potentially inform initiatives in states and schools with American Indian students.

Identification and Support for the Education Needs of American Indian Students in North Dakota
This project addresses the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) need to strengthen its current Native American Needs Assessment Survey in order to understand the most prominent issues in American Indian schools and identify strategies to remediate those concerns. REL Central is partnering with NDDPI to review the survey and identify additional respondents or items that might provide critical evidence of American Indian needs, and to locate evidence-based research that can help schools ameliorate the identified needs.

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