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About REL Northwest

Serving Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington

Throughout the Northwest, education stakeholders are focused on taking steps to address educational inequities and improve outcomes for all students. They are asking critical questions and looking for research and evidence-based practices to support their work. Over the next five years, REL Northwest will be partnering with stakeholders to address the following high-priority questions:

How can we ensure young children have what they need for a successful start in school? How do we best serve our growing population of English learner students? How can we help students graduate from high school and succeed in postsecondary education or careers in ways that fulfill them? What do states and districts need to do to ensure that all students are taught by effective teachers?

These and other challenges identified by our region frame the work of REL Northwest. We work alongside practitioners and policymakers at all levels of the education system to use data and evidence to help solve educational problems that impede students' success.

Through research-practice partnerships, we collaborate with school districts, state education agencies, and others to:

  • Conduct rigorous research that answers high-priority education questions of our region
  • Facilitate the flow of actionable, up-to-date research evidence
  • Provide customized coaching, training, and technical support to build our partners' capacity for research use


Christopher Mazzeo

Christopher Mazzeo

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Fiona Helsel

Deputy Director
Fiona Helsel

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Partners and External Experts

REL Northwest—administered by Education Northwest—partners with the following research and technical support organizations:

  • Concord Evaluation Group
  • IMPAQ International
  • Kauffman & Associates
  • MDRC
  • Rand Corporation
  • RTI International
  • Tembo Inc.
  • West Wind

Governing Board

REL Northwest is guided by a Governing Board representing constituent groups in the Northwest, including chief state school officers, superintendents, educators, researchers, and community members. The REL Northwest Governing Board is charged with ensuring that the work being conducted addresses the high-leverage problems of the region and that progress is being made in meeting the intended outcomes of the federal REL program.


Yvonne Curtis
Deputy Superintendent, Portland Public Schools
Portland, Oregon

Sana Efird
Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
Juneau, Alaska

Stephanie Fryberg
Associate Professor, University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Doug Gray
Principal, Anchorage School District
Anchorage, Alaska

Susie Hedalen
Director of Educational Services, Montana Office of Public Instruction
Helena, Montana

Michaela Miller
Deputy Superintendent, Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Olympia, Washington

Brian Reeder
Assistant Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education
Salem, Oregon

Carla Santorno
Superintendent, Tacoma Public Schools
Tacoma, Washington

Raúl Sital
Principal, Pasco School District
Pasco, Washington

Alma Trinidad
Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

William (Woody) Woodford
Superintendent, Kellogg School District
Kellogg, Idaho

Curtis Yarlott
Executive Director and President, St. Labre Indian School Educational Association
Ashland, Montana

Chuck Zimmerly
Community Outreach Director, Idaho State Department of Education
Boise, Idaho