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Evidence-Based Strategies for Mentoring Preservice Teachers

September 3, October 8, and November 5, 2020

In collaboration with the Idaho Educator Pipeline Alliance, REL Northwest held a three-part training series designed to improve the quality of preservice teachers' practicum experiences by strengthening the expertise of mentor teachers.

Specifically, the trainings equipped participants with evidence-based strategies for communicating with and providing feedback to preservice teachers, coaching preservice teachers on instructional methods and classroom management, and building the social and emotional skills to be successful and persevere in the profession.

Participants were primarily mentor teachers from public Idaho K-12 schools hosting Boise State teacher candidates. In addition, the series was intended to build the capacity of personnel from the Boise State College of Education to deliver the trainings on their own in subsequent years. Materials from the series are below.

Event Resources

Training 1: Laying a Foundation for Successful Mentoring: Building a Positive and Productive Relationship with Your Teacher Candidate

Training 2: Mentoring Teacher Candidates in the Art and Science of Teaching

Training 3: Mentoring to Foster Social Awareness and Resilience