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Toolkit Helps Educators Welcome, Register, and Support Newcomer Immigrant and Refugee Students to U.S. Secondary Schools

February 16, 2021

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REL Northwest has designed a toolkit to help educators identify and use research-based policies, practices, and procedures for welcoming, registering, and supporting newcomer immigrant and refugee students who are attending secondary schools in the United States.

Immigrant and refugee students in grades 6-12 who are new to the United States tend to be underserved in schools, particularly compared with younger immigrant English learner students. Educators and schools often struggle to provide adequate linguistic, academic, and socioemotional supports for newcomer students who arrive in secondary grades.

This toolkit aims to improve the ability of schools to provide newcomer immigrant and refugee students with the instructional and social supports they need to succeed. Using the resources in this toolkit, schools can expand their typical intake practices to be more holistic, with the goal of better understanding the unique needs, assets, and experiences of these students.

The toolkit is organized into four sections:

  • Welcoming and engaging newcomer immigrant and refugee students.
  • Registering newcomer immigrant and refugee students.
  • Supporting the social, emotional, academic, and postsecondary needs of newcomer immigrant and refugee students.
  • Building educators’ capacity to support newcomer immigrant and refugee students

Specific resources in each section support the implementation of evidence-based practices, policies, and procedures. These include professional development curricula, policy and implementation guides, evaluation reports, and sample surveys and assessments.

Welcoming, Registering, and Supporting Newcomer Students: A Toolkit for Educators of Immigrant and Refugee Students in Secondary Schools
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