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Alaska State Policy Research Alliance

REL Northwest is a founding member of ASPRA, a diverse network of Alaska educators, policymakers, and education stakeholders. ASPRA is guided by a leadership team that includes representatives from the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (DEED), Alaska Council of School Administrators, the University of Alaska, and REL Northwest. The alliance addresses key educational issues by conducting projects in four working groups: state K-12 policy, early childhood education, school leadership, and educator recruitment and retention.


ASPRA's goal is to produce and share high-quality evidence about education in Alaska to support sound, evidence-based decisionmaking for the benefit of students. To this end, alliance work is focused on five main issues:

  • Examining educator recruitment and retention in Alaska
  • Supporting learning communities for district and school administrators
  • Working with early childhood stakeholders to support their use of data
  • Learning how technology is being used for classroom instruction and professional development
  • Providing technical support to DEED on data and accountability


State-Funded Preschool in the Last Frontier

Alaska Native English Learner Students: Focusing on an Important but Often Overlooked Population

Educator Retention and Turnover in Alaska: 2021 Update

How Educators in Alaska Can Build Students' Early Literacy Skills

Study Provides a Clear Picture of Alaska’s Educator Turnover Challenge

Using Data to Promote Educator Recruitment and Retention in Alaska


  • Dr. Steve Atwater
  • Dr. Michael Johnson, Commissioner, Alaska DEED
  • Dr. Lisa Parady, Executive Director, Alaska Council of School Administrators


Ashley Pierson

Ashley Pierson


Jennifer Esswein

Jennifer Esswein