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Webinars to Support South Carolina Department of Education's MTSS Plan
The REL Southeast's Improving Literacy Alliance partnered with the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) to create webinars on South Carolina's Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) plan. SCDE's literacy specialists created webinars on core principles of leadership, building collaboration and infrastructure, and communication and collaboration. The REL Southeast created webinars on the core principles of data-based problem solving, tiered instruction, and data evaluation. » more info


Is there any research that has a focus on what teachers can do to help reduce recidivism?
In response to the question, data available regarding what teachers can do to help reduce recidivism was identified. » more info


What research has been conducted on daily schedules in middle schools?
In response to the question, data available regarding daily schedules in middle schools was identified. » more info


Using Self-study Guides to Support Implementation Fidelity
Self-study guides provide evidence-based support for stakeholders as they make a multitude of decisions for intervention implementation (for example, how to select students to receive intervention, choosing intervention content, and scheduling time for interventions). ... » listen


What data is available regarding policy surrounding data-based progress monitoring?
In response to the question, data available regarding policy surrounding data-based progress monitoring was identified. » more info

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Newsletter mastheadDecember 2019

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Math course sequences in grades 6–11 and math achievement in Mississippi

The purpose of this study was to examine how students in Mississippi met their mathematics requirements and the extent to which their mathematics sequence is related to student performance and demographic characteristics such as race and ethnicity.

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Preparing a School Ready Child: The Ready Child and The Ready School

Featured Blog Post

Assessment for Personalized Learning: A Race? An Art? Insights from VirtualSC's Deep Dive into Strategic Change

This blog post describes how VirtualSC's explorations into personalized assessment have the potential to bring new answers - and new questions - into the dialogue on how virtual schools can transform traditional assessment practices and achieve increased learning engagement and success.