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Ask A REL is a collaborative reference desk service provided by the ten regional educational laboratories (REL) that by design, functions much in the same way as a technical reference library. It provides references, referrals, and brief responses in the form of citations on research based education questions.

REL Regions

About Ask a REL

Each question submitted is routed directly to a REL to determine the scope and timeline for the response. REL staff use laboratory experts and other resources, including the National Library of Education and ERIC to select appropriate references.

RELs provide the following types of referrals as part of the Ask A REL service:

  • Referrals to research projects sponsored by IES
  • References for or electronic copies of IES publications or reports
  • References or bibliographies of existing education research
  • Referrals to websites or federally funded education organizations
  • Regionally specific educational information

Ask A REL Instructions

To ask an education-focused question, please complete the question submission form below:

  1. Include your name and email address
  2. Select your state from the drop-down menu
  3. Type your question in the box
  4. To receive a copy of your question, check the box “I would like to receive a copy of my question sent to my e-mail.”

Note: The questions you submit are sent directly to the REL selected and not stored on this site or by the Institute of Education Sciences. To ask a question or to provide a comment about the Regional Educational Laboratory Program or the Institute of Education Sciences, select the “Contact” button at the top of this page.