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An Investigation of the Impact of the 6+1 Trait® Writing Model on Grade 5 Student Writing Achievement


Reading, writing, and arithmetic have long been considered the foundation, or “basics,” of education in the United States. Writing skills are important for an increasing number of jobs. Poor writing skills are a barrier to hiring and promotion for many individuals, and remediation of problems with writing imposes significant operational and training costs on public and private organizations. Writing is also important for the development of reading skills and can improve learning in other academic content areas. In response to the perceived neglect of writing in U.S. education, the National Commission on Writing proposed a set of recommendations for making writing a central element in school reform efforts. These concerns were echoed in regional needs assessment studies conducted by Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northwest, in which educators in the region placed a high priority on writing and literacy education.

The RCT summary for this project is available at

Publication Type:
NCEE/REL Evaluation Report
Online Availability:
Publication Date:
December 2011