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Teacher Data Use Survey


The purpose of the Teacher Data Use Survey is to provide district and school leaders with a survey instrument that will enable them to learn more about teachers' use of data, teachers' attitudes toward data, and teachers' perception of supports for using data. The survey was developed by a panel of five experts in data use and was pilot tested in a large urban district. There are three versions of the survey: one for teachers, one for administrators (e.g., principals), and one for instructional support staff (e.g., instructional coaches). Each version asks about teacher data use, thus offering a triangulated picture of teacher data use in a school or district. Survey scale reliabilities (Cronbach's alpha) were all greater than 0.80 and most were greater than 0.90. The Teacher Data Use Survey can thus offer school and district leaders a research-supported evidence base from which to plan ongoing support for teacher data use such as professional development, computer systems, and collaboration.

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October 2016