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Projected School Administrator Needs through 2017/2018 in California




This technical brief projects the need for new school-site administrators (principals and vice-principals) in California by region in two-year increments over 2010/11–2017/18. It builds on an earlier Regional Educational Laboratory West report that projected the aggregate need for school administrators over 2008/09–2017/18 based on projected retirement and projected changes in student enrollment (White, Fong, and Makkonen 2010). Both studies divide the state into 11 regions, and both report projected demand for local administrators as a change from the 2007/08 baseline workforce. By disaggregating the study period into two-year increments, this brief provides more specific data for education organizations—particularly the Association of California School Administrators and the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association—to more accurately target workforce planning and training programs for new school-site administrators.

Publication Type:

Technical Brief

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Publication Date:
March 2011