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What predicts participation in developmental education among recent high school graduates at community college? Lessons from Oregon

This study examines the extent of developmental education participation among Oregon high school graduates students who attend community college and the relationship between high school experiences and subsequent developmental education course-taking. An analysis of state and national data from more than 101,000 Oregon public high school graduates who enrolled in the state’s community colleges shows that 65 percent of high school graduates took at least one developmental education course. Mirroring findings from across the country, the study also finds that students who started at lower levels of developmental education were less likely to stay in college and earn a degree. Finally, the study shows that individual high school academic achievement and enrollment in certain dual-credit courses decreases developmental education course-taking. Overall, the findings emphasize the need to target academic underpreparedness at the high school level and to strengthen partnerships between high schools and colleges in addressing this issue.
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What's Happening
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May 2015