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A Teacher's Guide to Supporting Family Involvement in K–3 Literacy


Description: The Teacher's Guide to Supporting Family Involvement in K–3 Literacy will be a suite of resources teachers can use with families to encourage and facilitate literacy support for children at home. The suite of resources will be grade-specific and include a Teacher Guide, a Family Resource Packet, and videos. The information in the Teacher Guide will be designed to assist teachers in supporting out-of-school literacy activities that are aligned to classroom instruction, informed by student need, grounded in evidence-based practices (the Foundational Reading Skills Practice Guide), and facilitated by ongoing parentteacher communication. The Teacher Guide will provide a framework for literacy support activities presented during schools' family literacy nights and parentteacher conferences.

The associated, grade-specific Family Resource Packet will contain evidence-based literacy activities that the teacher can give to the parent during family literacy night or at parent-teacher conferences for the parents to do at home with their child. Each resource in the packet will use family-friendly language and include a user-friendly format. Materials needed (e.g., letter cards) for each resource will be included.

The videos will depict families supporting children's literacy or a model/animation of how to support children's literacy at home. The videos can be shown at the school's literacy night or during parent-teacher conferences to illustrate family involvement in K–3 literacy.

Projected Release Date: Spring 2021

Partnership or Research Alliance: Georgia Literacy Partnership

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:

Marcia Kosanovich, Ph.D.
Florida State University