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Continuous Improvement: Toolkit

Northeast & Islands

Description: Continuous improvement processes engage key players within a system to focus on a specific problem of practice and, through a series of iterative cycles, test changes, gather data about the changes, and study the potential influence of these changes on outcomes of interest (Bryk et al., 2015). This practitioner-friendly guide is designed to provide an overview of Continuous Improvement processes in education, with a focus on the use of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles (Langley, Moen, Nolan, Nolan & Norman, 2009). It will also offer related tools and resources that educational practitioners can use to implement continuous improvement processes in their own schools, districts, or agencies.

The toolkit will include a customizable workbook, reproducible templates, and short informational videos. The workbook will begin with an introduction to continuous improvement, followed by customizable content that school-based practitioners can use to guide an improvement team through the continuous improvement process. This content will lead educational practitioners through a series of PDSA cycles, designed explicitly for an educational setting. Real-world case examples will illustrate the process in an educational context.

Projected Release Date: Fall 2019

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:
Karen Shakman, Ph.D., Education Development Center