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School Leader's Literacy Walkthrough for Grades 4–12


Description: The School Leader's Literacy Walkthrough for Grades 4–12 will be a user-friendly tool for school leaders based on evidence-based literacy practices that will help them recognize the specific literacy components and aspects of instruction they should see as they conduct their typical classroom walkthroughs in grades 4–12. The walkthrough tool will contain a pre-walkthrough section to facilitate administrator/teacher conversations before the walkthrough is conducted, grade-specific checklists with overarching look-fors and content-specific indicators for English language arts classes, intervention classes, and content area courses, and a post-walkthrough section to facilitate reflective conversations between administrators and teachers. This walkthrough will enhance administrators' knowledge of evidence-based literacy instructional practices, provide an effective way to communicate with grade 4-12 teachers regarding their expectations about literacy instruction, and provide consistent language regarding literacy components and instructional strategies. The tool will be designed to help improve instruction, and not as a teacher evaluation.

Using and reviewing the literacy walkthrough on a consistent basis can help principals and teachers have productive conversations about literacy instruction and help administrators to support teachers in all content areas integrate literacy instruction into their classes.

Projected Release Date: Spring, 2020

Partnership or Research Alliance: Improving Literacy Research Alliance

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:
Laurie Lee
REL Southeast, Florida State University