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Program Evaluation Toolkit


Description: Program evaluation is important for assessing the implementation and outcomes of state and federally funded programs. However, state education agency personnel may not have the resources and tools to conduct effective program evaluations. The Program Evaluation Toolkit will provide resources and tools to support users in conducting their own program evaluations. The toolkit will comprise a series of eight modules that begin at the planning stages of an evaluation and progress to the presentation of findings to stakeholders. Each module will cover a critical step in the evaluation process.

The toolkit will include a workbook that contains foundational information for each stage of the evaluation process as well as reflective questions, a glossary of terms, and publicly available resources and references. The toolkit will also include links to screencast PowerPoint slides, which run as videos with narration; templates, including logic models; worksheets, such as an evaluation question brainstorming worksheet; and descriptions of data analysis tools, including Excel spreadsheets with formulas for basic analyses. Users will be able to progress through the toolkit either sequentially or selectively, reviewing only those modules that directly pertain to their current evaluation needs.

Projected Release Date: Fall 2020

Partnership or Research Alliance: Colorado School Improvement Research Partnership

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:

Joshua Stewart, Marzano Research