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A Tool for Integrating Foundational Reading Skills into Courses for College Instructors of Pre-service Teachers


Description: There are two goals for the proposed product. The first goal is to improve pre-service teacher preparation in delivering reading instruction so that when teachers are hired they are better equipped to teach foundational reading skills to students in their classrooms. School districts need beginning teachers who have the skills to teach diverse groups of students to read. The second goal is to produce a tool that teacher educators may use to access What Works Clearinghouse resources focused on foundational reading skills in a way that is relevant and applicable for pre-service teachers. The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) practice guides and professional learning communities are designed for use with practicing K—12 teachers, and while the content is valuable and relevant for them, the format is not well suited to teacher educators in a college or university setting who are instructing preservice teachers.

Projected Release Date: Spring, 2021

Partnership or Research Alliance: Improving Literacy Research Alliance

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Principal Investigators & Affiliation:
Jennifer Dombek
REL Southeast, Florida State University
Laurie Lee
REL Southeast, Florida State University
Barbara Foorman
REL Southeast, Florida State University