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Community Math Nights Facilitators' Toolkit


Description: At community math nights, educators, children, and family members come together to learn and talk about math. These events can help family members participate in their child's learning, raise expectations for math achievement, and promote their child's math success. To support educators in planning and hosting community math nights, the proposed facilitators' toolkit will expand educators' understanding of research on the importance of math for future success, the importance of family and community engagement in promoting students' successful development of math skills and thinking, and strategies to engage families in supporting math learning. The toolkit will also equip educators with tools, activities, and resources for planning and implementing a community math night that engages children, families, and other community members in evidence-based math activities.

Projected Release Date: Summer 2021

Partnership or Research Alliance: Community Math Nights project

Principal Investigators & Affiliation:

Kerry Friedman, SRI International