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The Effects of Hybrid Algebra I on Teaching Practices, Classroom Quality, and Adolescent LearningThe Effects of Hybrid Algebra I on Teaching Practices, Classroom Quality, and Adolescent Learning

Regional need and study purpose. Improving teacher quality and identifying evidence-based curricula and programs are two of the top five areas of need in the Appalachia Region. This study tests whether a hybrid algebra I program improves classroom quality and increases student engagement and achievement.

Intervention description. The hybrid program uses online resources in face-to-face technology-enhanced classrooms to facilitate the use of standards-based instructional practices. Participating teachers engage in sustained professional development focusing on effective pedagogy and the use of technology.

Study design and period. The randomized study uses a two-cohort research design, with 25 schools in year 1 (13 treatment and 12 control) and 22 in year 2 (11 and 11). The sample comprises about 6,000 students from mostly rural schools. The study period is fall 2006–fall 2010.

Key outcomes and measures. The key outcomes are student achievement in algebra I and longer term effects on achievement and educational attainment. Outcome measures include an end-of-course test in algebraic understanding and the math portion of Kentucky's PLAN® test.

Data collection approach. In addition to assessing students' algebra I knowledge and skills, researchers observe classroom behavior and conduct brief one-time surveys of teachers.

Analysis plan. The study uses two-level hierarchical models to nest students within schools and assess differences in outcomes between the treatment and control schools. For teaching practices and classroom quality, it uses the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test and, where appropriate, multivariate analysis.

Principal investigators. Linda Cavalluzzo, PhD, CNA; Deborah Lowther, PhD, Education Innovations.

Additional Information. Region, contact information, and references

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