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A Multisite Cluster Randomized Trial of the Effects of Compass Learning Odyssey Math on the Math Achievement of Selected Grade 4 Students in the Mid-Atlantic Region

This study was the first randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of Odyssey Math on student achievement. The study had the statistical power needed to detect a 0.20 effect size and was well designed in that comparable groups were created at baseline and maintained through ... » more info

Publication: NCEE/REL Evaluation Report; Publication Date: November 2009
A Multistate Review of Professional Teaching Standards
This review of teaching standards in six states—California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas—focuses on the structure, target audience, and selected content of the standards to inform California's revision of its teaching standards. The report was developed ... » more info
Publication: Issues & Answers; Publication Date: July 2009
A Practitioner’s Guide To Implementing Early Warning Systems
To stem the tide of students dropping out, many schools and districts are turning to early warning systems (EWS) that signal whether a student is at risk of not graduating from high school. While some research exists about establishing these systems, there is little information about the ... » more info
Publication: What's Known; Publication Date: January 2015
A Randomized Experiment Using Absenteeism Information to "Nudge" Attendance
Can a single postcard sent to guardians help reduce student absenteeism? This randomized controlled trial, conducted in collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia, shows that: (a) a single mail piece that encouraged guardians to improve their student’s attendance reduced ... » more info
Publication: Making an Impact; Publication Date: February 2017
A Review of Avoidable Losses: High Stakes Accountability and the Dropout Crisis
REL Southwest received a request to review the report Avoidable Losses: High Stakes Accountability and the Dropout Crisis to assess the soundness of the study methodology and the appropriateness of the conclusions drawn in the report. The review by REL Southwest found that the ... » more info
Publication: Technical Brief; Publication Date: February 2008
A review of instruments for measuring social and emotional learning skills among secondary school students
This purpose of this resource is to support state and local education agencies in identifying reliable and valid instruments that measure collaboration, perseverance, and self-regulated learning among secondary school students. This resource, developed by the Regional Education Laboratory ... » more info
Northeast & Islands
Publication: Tools; Publication Date: October 2019
A Review Of Methods and Instruments Used In State and Local School Readiness Evaluations
This report provides detailed information about the methods and instruments used to evaluate school readiness initiatives, discusses important considerations in selecting instruments, and provides resources and recommendations that may be helpful to those who are designing and ... » more info
Publication: Issues & Answers; Publication Date: August 2007
A review of the literature on social and emotional learning for students ages 3–8: Characteristics of effective social and emotional learning programs
The purpose of the report series is to summarize the benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) in early childhood, and identify the characteristics of SEL interventions that are effective in school contexts. Responding to a need expressed by the Early Childhood Education Research ... » more info
Publication: What's Known; Publication Date: February 2017
A Review of the Literature to Identify Leading Indicators Related to Hispanic STEM Postsecondary Educational Outcomes

The purpose of this study was to review recent peer-reviewed studies in order to identify malleable factors measured in K&ndash12 settings that are related to students' postsecondary STEM success, particularly for Hispanic students. Postsecondary STEM success was defined as enrollment ... » more info

Publication: What's Known; Publication Date: April 2016
A Second Follow-up Year for Measuring how Benchmark Assessments Affect Student Achievement
This REL Technical Brief examines whether, after two years of implementation, schools in Massachusetts using quarterly benchmark exams aligned with state standards in middle school mathematics showed greater gains in student achievement than those not doing so. A quasi-experimental ... » more info
Northeast & Islands
Publication: Technical Brief
A Status Report on Middle School Mathematics Assessment and Student Achievement in the Pacific Region
This study answers one basic question: What is the status of student achievement in middle school mathematics in the Pacific Region jurisdictions? The findings provide a portrait of the types of mathematic assessments used in grades 7 and 8 and of how well students are performing.
Publication: Issues & Answers; Publication Date: January 2008
A Study of the Effectiveness of a School Improvement Intervention (Success in Sight)

Since the passage of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 and its adequate yearly progress (AYP) requirements, the nation's education systems have increased their focus on school improvement interventions that build school and teacher capacity to increase student achievement in ... » more info

Publication: NCEE/REL Evaluation Report; Publication Date: February 2012
A Systematic Comparison of the American Diploma Project College Readiness Standards with those of the ACT, College Board, and Standards For Success
This study of four national English language arts standards compares the content of three sets of standards with a benchmark set, the American Diploma Project (ADP), to see how closely the sets agree on what students should know in English language arts to prepare for college. The match ... » more info
Publication: Issues & Answers; Publication Date: February 2010
A Systematic Review of the Relationships Between Principal Characteristics and Student Achievement
This systematic review of the relationships between principal characteristics and student achievement was created for educators, administrators, policy-makers, and other individuals interested in a comprehensive catalogue of research on relations between principal characteristics and ... » more info
Publication: What's Known; Publication Date: December 2015
Academic outcomes for North Carolina Virtual Public School credit recovery students
This report describes the results of a REL Southeast study comparing short- and longer-term student successes after completion of online credit recovery courses compared to student successes after completion of other credit recovery options, such as traditional face-to-face courses and ... » more info
Publication: Making Connections; Publication Date: October 2016