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Timely REL Appalachia Resources for Fall Planning

September 7, 2021

SRI International
   Stephanie Suarez, REL Appalachia
   Laura Kassner, REL Appalachia

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As one of 10 Regional Educational Laboratories (REL), REL Appalachia at SRI partners with diverse stakeholders in a four-state region to meet their emerging needs, with the goal of supporting a more evidence-based education system.

RELs conduct applied research, provide technical assistance and coaching, and share evidence-based practices with our partners in the field. In the more than four years we have led REL Appalachia, our staff have developed a wide variety of useful resources. In this blog, we highlight some of those resources, organized by topic, and provide links to other products from across the REL program that address current national educational needs.

Consider exploring these resources this summer as you reflect on your practice and plan for the school year ahead. Take a deep dive into a particular topic of interest for a research project or to satisfy a curiosity. Bookmark this blog post, send the link to a colleague, and share it with your social media networks to start an online conversation about ways in which these resources might meet your needs.

Topic REL Appalachia partnership/
Featured REL Appalachia resources 1 Resources from
other RELs
Online teaching and learning Research-Based Practices for Effective Remote Learning Webinar materials: Research-Based Strategies for Effective Remote Learning

Blog post: Resources for Implementing Tiered Systems of Support in Virtual or Hybrid Learning Environments

Blog post: Reaching All Students: Distance Learning Resources to Support Students with Disabilities, English Learners, and Their Families

Publication: Cost-Feasibility Analysis Toolkit for Supplemental Online Programs

Blog post: Using Technology to Overcome the Challenge of Place and Space in Rural Education
REL topic pages for “online learning”

Recorded event: Supporting Student Engagement in Remote Instruction: Lessons from New Jersey (REL Mid-Atlantic)
Trauma, behavior, mental health, and social-emotional learning Cross-State Collaborative to Support Schools in the Opioid Crisis Event: Addressing Trauma in Education Settings

Blog post: Supporting Students Experiencing Trauma During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog post: Dropout Prevention in the Time of COVID-19
REL topic pages for COVID-19: Evidence-Based Resources

Recorded event: Seizing the Moment: Race Equity Mindsets, Social and Emotional Well-Being, and Outcomes for Students (REL West)
College and career pathways Improving Postsecondary Transitions Partnership

Workforce Readiness Partnership
Blog post: Supporting Postsecondary Transitions During COVID-19: Practical Resources and Considerations

Webinar materials/resource compilation: Paving the Pathway to College and Career: Building Students' Nonacademic Skills—A Virtual Training Session on a New Resource

Publication: Virginia High School Graduates' Career and Technical Education Credentials: Top Credentials over Time and across Student Groups

Evidence review:
Nonacademic Interventions for Postsecondary Enrollment and Success with Rural and High-Poverty Populations: A Systematic Evidence Review and associated National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance blog post

Meeting summary: Supporting and Measuring Career Readiness—Hot Topics, Common Challenges, and Practical Resources
REL topic pages for “college and career readiness”
Data use Cross-State Partnership on Using Data and Evidence to Facilitate Action

Implementing High-Quality Performance Assessments in Science
Blog post: Innovation Configuration Maps: A Valuable Journey and Destination

Blog post: Setting a Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Blog post: A Pivot to Performance Assessments

Workbook: Participant Workbook: Implementing High-Quality Performance Assessments in Science

Blog post: Data in Action: Using Labor-Market Alignment Data to Improve Career and Technical Education
REL topic pages for “data use”

Blog post: Now Is the Time for Teachers to Use Data-Based Inquiry Cycles (REL West)
Literacy Identifying Practices to Boost Early Literacy and Numeracy in Kentucky

Early Literacy
Blog post: Implementing a Response to Intervention Framework to Support Reading Success

Blog post: Improving MTSS/RTI Implementation through Measurement

Materials: Analysis of Kentucky School Performance on Grade 3 Mathematics and Reading State Assessments and Methodological Summary
REL topic pages for “literacy”

Video: Interactive Writing Instruction Online with Young Children (REL West)
Math Student Success in Mathematics Partnership

Community Math Nights

Identifying Practices to Boost Early Literacy and Numeracy in Kentucky
Publication: Algebra I and College Preparatory Diploma Outcomes among Virginia Students Who Completed Algebra I in Grades 7–9

Infographic: Examining Educational Inequities: How Do Algebra I and High School Outcomes Differ for Students Who Complete Algebra I in Grades 7, 8, or 9?

Blog post: Shining a Light on Algebra I Access and Success: Embracing Equity at All Levels

Infographic: Supporting Your Child in Developing Math Skills for Future Success

Workbook: Community Math Night: Mathematics at Work Facilitator Guide

Blog post: Engaging Families for Math Success

Materials: Analysis of Kentucky School Performance on Grade 3 Mathematics and Reading State Assessments and Methodological Summary
REL topic pages for “math”

Activities: Teaching Math to Young Children for Families and Caregivers (REL Central, Appalachia, and Northwest)



1 Featured resources include products/events that are recent and/or popular according to event participation data or user feedback. Resources are listed in no particular order and are not necessarily associated with specific partnerships/projects listed in the respective topic category.