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REL Appalachia

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Preparing All Students for Algebra: Applying Research-Based Strategies

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
8:00am – 12:00pm EST

This bridge event focused on why algebra preparedness in upper elementary and middle school matters and what strategies can support struggling learners and students who are English Learners. The event is intended for teachers in grades 4 to 6 who teach mathematics and mathematics leaders who are interested in learning more about algebra preparedness.


Harrisonburg, VA


Pam Buffington, REL Appalachia, Education Development Center (EDC)
Ryoko Yamaguchi, REL Appalachia, Plus Alpha Research & Consulting
Jill DePiper, REL Appalachia, EDC
Laurie McCullough, Virginia Association for Supervision and Curriculum


Handout 1: Algebra and Student Success Card Sort Directions
Handout 2: Algebra and Student Success Card Sort
Handout 3: Algebra and Student Success Card Sort–References Cited
Handout 4: Reflection Form
Handout 5: Sharing Jelly Beans
Handout 6: Comparing Driving Task
Handout 7: Sam's Motorcycle
Handout 8: Covering Tables