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Research-Based Strategies for Effective Remote Learning: Student Engagement

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | Thursday, January 28, 2021 | March (TBD) 2021

REL Appalachia (REL AP) staff, in partnership with education leaders from districts in eastern Tennessee and representatives from the Niswonger Foundation, developed a train-the-trainer workshop series to share the most effective methods for delivering online instruction to students in grades K–12. Participants in these workshops will learn about what can work best for students and teachers in their schools and districts. Following each workshop, participants will be able to both apply what they learned to their own practice and support their colleagues to provide high-quality remote instruction. The dates and content of the three-part workshop series include:

December 8 workshop: Supporting student engagement in a virtual environment
REL AP staff shared strategies educators can use to support students' behavioral, emotional, and mental engagement in a virtual setting.


Supporting Student Engagement in a Virtual Environment Presentation
Supporting Student Engagement in a Virtual Environment Handbook
  Recording: Supporting Student Engagement in a Virtual Environment

January 28 workshop: Monitoring academic progress and providing feedback to students
REL AP staff will identify ways to administer formative assessments in a virtual environment by sharing research-based strategies to effectively monitor student progress and provide feedback during online learning.

March (TBD) workshop: Designing instruction for a hybrid model
REL AP staff will present ways to design instruction for a hybrid learning model. They will identify key features of two types of hybrid instruction: (1) when students spend part of the week attending class in person and part attending remotely and (2) when teachers are simultaneously instructing a group of in-person students and a group of remote students.




Jill Marcus, REL Appalachia, Education Development Center
Mary Klute, REL Appalachia, SRI International
Victoria Schaefer, REL Appalachia, SRI International
Emma Pellerin, REL Appalachia, SRI International
Beth Peery, REL Appalachia, Magnolia Consulting