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REL Mid-Atlantic report series on implementing social and emotional learning programs in early childhood

This REL Mid-Atlantic report series summarizes the research literature on social and emotional learning (SEL) and provides practical information for educators and policymakers who want to implement SEL programs. » More info


Schools That Beat the Odds in Mississippi

REL Southeast identified which schools in Mississippi performed better than expected in mathematics and English given their demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. » More info


Guide shows states and districts how to use publicly available data to create district expenditure-to-performance ratios

A report from REL Northeast and Islands shows states and districts how to create and compare six different district expenditure-to-performance ratios. » More info


Follow-up study examines changes in financial aid and student enrollment at HBCUs

This follow-up study looks at changes in financial aid and enrollment after the summer of 2013, when the Department of Education changed the appeals process for families denied Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). » More info


College outcomes for Metro Nashville's high school class of 2007 after six years

REL Appalachia and Metro Nashville Public Schools partnered to analyze district, state, and national data for the public high school class of 2007. » More info

Featured Publication

Teacher Data Use Survey

Yellow cover of the Teacher Data Use Survey The purpose of the Teacher Data Use Survey is to provide district and school leaders with a survey instrument that will enable them to learn more about teachers' use of data, teachers' attitudes toward data, and teachers' perception of supports for using data.

Education Partnerships: The Power of Researchers, Practitioners, and Students

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