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Research-Based Practices for Effective Remote Learning

Educators across the country are working to discover the most effective methods for delivering online instruction to students in grades K–12. To support these efforts, REL Appalachia is partnering with education leaders in eastern Tennessee to develop a series of train-the-trainer workshops focused on the following topics:

  • Supporting student engagement in a virtual environment.
  • Monitoring student progress and providing feedback.
  • Designing instruction for hybrid models.

Each workshop provides a curated review of the research, examples of research-based strategies and how to implement them in classrooms, and opportunities for participants to discuss the strategies and potential challenges for implementation. Trainers from 29 districts in eastern Tennessee are attending the train-the-trainer workshops, and then delivering the trainings to colleagues in their own districts. This project will culminate in a national webinar to share this content with a broader audience.

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