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Considered to be a gateway to advanced math topics, Algebra I has seen a shift from being taught almost exclusively at the high school level to being incorporated into middle school in recent years. This shift has been implemented in a variety of ways throughout the country in order to better prepare students for more challenging math courses. To better understand the teacher qualifications associated with student success in Algebra I, REL Central recently partnered with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MODESE) to publish a report that described the associations between middle school teacher qualifications and student achievement in Algebra I.

Using data provided by MODESE, researchers determined that the teacher qualification that tended to have the strongest association with success among middle school Algebra I students was teacher math certification exam scores. Another major factor was the number of years of relevant teaching experience in math.

In an upcoming webinar discussing the findings, REL Central staff members Joshua Stewart and Mike Siebersma will provide a comprehensive overview of the report. They will delve into the various methods used in the data collection as well as ways in which the results can be interpreted and what the potential value of the report might be for policymakers, administrators, and more.

“We made some interesting discoveries over the course of compiling this report and we’re looking forward to discussing them in detail with our fellow educational research enthusiasts,” said Stewart, lead author of the report. “This webinar is a great opportunity for educators and administrators to learn more about what teacher qualifications are related to student achievement in Algebra I.”

In addition to Siebersma and Stewart, Neal Finkelstein, REL West researcher and director of WestEd’s Innovation Studies program, will provide an overview of the research on how the proper sequencing of modules and lessons, can support student success in math. The presenters will also provide background on the design and constructs involved in math teacher certification exams.

To learn more about this study and its findings, be sure to attend the webinar Teacher Qualifications Associated with Success in Algebra I on Wednesday, February 19 at 11:00 a.m. MT. Please RSVP in advance by clicking here.