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Information about federal and state education systems are crucial to state education agencies (SEAs), but the complexities of these systems can make it difficult to explain key information across stakeholder groups. Each year, schools and districts in Colorado receive performance ratings under a state and federal accountability system. These ratings let parents and the community know how well schools and districts are preparing students for college and postsecondary success. Additionally, Colorado Department of Education (CDE) staff use the accountability ratings to inform school improvement plans.

To help families and community members understand these federal and state performance ratings, members of the Colorado School Improvement Research Partnership, which includes CDE staff, partnered with REL Central to develop the Colorado Department of Education Crosswalk: 2018 State and Federal School Identification infographic.

REL Central Infographic: Colorado Department of Education Crosswalk (2019)
Colorado Department of Education Crosswalk infographic (2019)

Infographics are one way education agencies can communicate complex systems and other important information with stakeholders.

CDE’s infographic is one of three infographics developed with REL Central and SEA partners in the central region. Members of the Missouri Equity Research Partnership from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MO DESE) developed the Grow Your Own: Fostering a Diverse Teacher Workforce in Missouri infographic, which MO DESE staff will use to help stakeholders better understand the need for Grow Your Own programs in teacher shortage areas across Missouri. Lastly, South Dakota Department of Education staff will use the South Dakota DOE Snapshot: 2017/2018 Academic Year Statewide Data infographic to communicate complex state-level data, such as graduation rates, to stakeholders.