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Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Feasibility, and Cost-Benefit Methods: What Are These Methods? And How Can School Districts Benefit from Using Them?

September 26, 2017

This webinar introduces cost-benefit, cost-feasibility, and cost-effectiveness analysis methods that decision-makers can use to guide decisions on selecting instructional strategies, interventions, and curricula that are not only effective but also fiscally more efficient. The intended outcomes for participants include (1) learning about the basic concepts of cost-benefit, cost-feasibility, and cost-effectiveness analyses, including under what circumstances each method is used and how to interpret results; (2) developing an understanding of the value of using these methods in decision-making that involves the investment of education resources; and (3) gaining an understanding of the methods used with these analyses, including how to identify and quantify program costs and benefits, and measure program impacts. The webinar also illustrates these outcomes by placing them in the context of a 2017 study that addresses the costs and impacts associated with using retired mentors to support new teachers in high-need elementary schools.


Dale DeCesare
APA Consulting

Mark Fermanich
APA Consulting