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Ingredients for a Successful Algebra Program in Middle School

September 23, 2020

This REL Central webinar presents elements of a successful middle school algebra program. Presenters review research on how Algebra I in a middle school is situated within a broader course sequence and teacher characteristics associated with student achievement in middle school Algebra I. In addition, they present findings from a newly released study on using Grade 7 state math assessment results to help identify students who are ready for Algebra I. Rounding out the discussion, representatives from two districts provide perspectives on the realities of making decisions to accelerate middle school students into Algebra I and the ways in which the research findings might inform future decisions.


Jennifer Overley
Cherry Creek School District, Colorado
John Downs
Hallsville School District, Missouri
Douglas Van Dine
REL Central
Joshua Stewart
REL Central
Mary Klute
REL Central
Mike Siebersma
REL Central