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Understanding What Influences Teacher Mobility

November 15, 2019

This REL Central webinar discusses trends in educator workforce mobility. Presenters from REL Central provide an overview of two REL Central reports: Teacher Retention, Mobility, and Attrition in Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota; and Factors Related to Teacher Mobility and Attrition in Colorado, Missouri, and South Dakota. In addition, Carolyn Haug from the Colorado Department of Education shares insights as a practitioner interpreting the reports to inform policy and program. Finally, Desiree Carver-Thomas from the Learning Policy Institute offers examples of state and local programs and initiatives supported by research to improve teacher retention.


Carolyn Haug
Colorado Department of Education
Desiree Carver-Thomas
Learning Policy Institute
Emma Espel
REL Central
Mike Siebersma
REL Central
Stephen Meyer
REL Central