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Wyoming State Support Research Partnership

About the Partnership

The Wyoming State Support Research Partnership (WY State Support RP) brings together stakeholders from across the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) to focus on state education reform and initiative support. WDE leadership and staff are designing and implementing a variety of guidance and initiatives to support districts and schools in providing high-quality education to all students.

Through the WY State Support RP, REL Central and WDE partners focus on building organizational and individual capacity to guide, evaluate, and improve statewide education initiatives and programs that address the nine legislative goals.

Focus Area

High-Equality Education for All Students Icon

High-Quality Education for All Students: focuses on aligning all education programs with the long-term outcome of quality instruction for all students.

Summary of Related Projects

Technical Support

Monitoring Outcomes of Wyoming Statewide System of Support Professional Learning
Closed Project
REL Central is providing trainings to support the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) in implementing best practices in program evaluation. WDE partners plan to apply what they learn to evaluate the Wyoming Statewide System of Support (SSoS), which was established to support schools in need of improvement. The SSoS delivers professional development and assistance across the state to improve the quality of teaching and outcomes for all learners. However, because resources are limited, WDE needs a process to evaluate how to improve these efforts and to understand how they are being used. This project will guide the partners in developing an evaluation of the SSoS professional development opportunities through a series of six trainings that cover logic models, evaluation questions, data sources, data instruments, data analysis, and dissemination of evaluation findings. As a result of these trainings, the partners will gain an understanding of evaluation principles and their applications and build their capacity to evaluate the SSoS professional development efforts.

Wyoming Adaptive Learning Plans
Closed Project
The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is developing state guidance and resources to ensure effective and equitable remote learning experiences for students across the state. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WDE developed a framework for evaluating adaptive learning plans submitted by districts. REL Central supported the Adaptive Learning Task Force at WDE in reviewing research on effective remote learning practices, federal guidance on equitable remote instruction, and sample learning plans from other states to help develop this framework. As an extension of that work, we are supporting WDE partners in revising the state 2017–2021 Digital Learning Plan so that it incorporates research and evidence-based practices and is aligned with state and district needs. This project is timely as WDE works to build on the gains the state and districts have made in supporting student learning during the pandemic.

Wyoming Computer Science Microcredential Development Training
Closed Project
The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE), in partnership with the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board, the University of Wyoming, and community colleges, are developing a statewide micro-credentialing system to meet the growing need for computer science educators in the state. WDE and their partners need for understanding research related to factors and components of a high-quality micro-credentialing system to inform the development of the system. REL Central is partnering with WDE to collaboratively review computer science educator preparation programs and micro-credential systems to inform the design and evaluation of the WDE system. This information is essential for WDE staff and their partners as they develop and implement an alternative credentialing system that provides educators with flexible options for increasing their knowledge and confidence in teaching computer science while also offering alternative paths to computer science credentialing in Wyoming. REL Central will support WDE partners in (1) identifying and aligning essential competencies, (2) identifying essential structures of micro-credentialing systems, and (3) planning for future system sustainability and evaluation.

Evaluating Wyoming’s Basket of Goods and Services
Closed Project
This project addressed the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) need to use evidence to inform the revision of the state’s Basket of Goods and Services legislation, which outlines the education programs and service that are required by districts and schools. REL Central partnered with WDE to gather and review information on other states’ definitions and regulation of goods and services, as well as state and federal workforce and economic development indicators related to the content areas and essential skills in the Wyoming Basket of Goods and Services. WDE will use the resources to inform discussions among its staff and with legislative committees about potential revisions to Basket of Goods and Services legislation.

Examining the Implementation of Wyoming's State MTSS Model
Closed Project
This project addressed the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) need to expand the opportunity for districts, early childhood centers, and nontraditional education settings throughout the state to use Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). MTSS enables meaningful identification of learning and behavioral problems, improves instructional quality, provides all students with the best opportunities to succeed in school, and assists with the identification of learning and other disabilities. REL Central partnered with WDE to collaboratively review evidence of how other states and education institutions implement MTSS in early childhood and nontraditional education settings, and in state systems of support. These project activities were used to inform WDE’s internal planning for guidance and outreach to districts, early childhood centers, Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and related agencies about MTSS.

Logic Model for Wyoming Special Education Programs
Closed Project
This project addresses a need of the Special Education Programs Division in the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) to align all program activities with the long-term outcome of quality instruction for students with disabilities. REL Central is partnering with WDE to develop a logic model and build capacity for data and evidence use. The logic model will guide the use of resources, implementation of activities, and development of measurable outputs. The logic model will also inform an evaluation plan that outlines how the Special Education Programs Division will measure progress toward the priorities of (1) ensuring that students with disabilities have access to qualified special education staff and (2) pursuing student academic and developmental goals.

Wyoming Special Education Initiatives Research Support
Closed Project
Wyoming legislation requires the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) to establish guidelines for adequate special education staffing levels to support growth for all students. This project supports WDE partners in analyzing data collected from the Special Education Staffing Practices Survey, identifying components to include in the special education staffing guidance, and identifying additional support for monitoring implementation of the staffing guidance. The project will provide foundational information (data collection, analyses, and a framework) that WDE staff can use in their subsequent development of staffing guidance.